Would you like to travel to Spain and you don’t speak the language?

Discover the program MOVE AROUND

A program with which you will be able to communicate in Spanish in the different scenarios of a trip so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

What happens when you travel to a country, and you don’t speak the native language?

You find barriers and limitations in your trip such as:

Just visiting touristic places

Not getting a real picture of the place

Not connecting with locals

In some cases getting rip off

Not being able to communicate in a difficult situation

Rely on translators or friends to translate everything for you

I could go on and on, but I think you got the picture.  Moreover, according to a data.europa.eu study, only 22% of the population in Spain can have a conversation in English, even if it is the most studied language of the country.

Moreover, according to the annual report of the Cervantes Institute, Spanish is the second mother tongue in the world by number of speakers, after Mandarin Chinese, and the third language in a global tally of speakers, after English and Mandarin Chinese.

We are nearly 493 million native speakers and over 24 million students. According to this study, in 2060, the United States will be the second Spanish-speaking country in the world, after Mexico.

Unbelievable, don’t you think?

That’s why it’s a good idea to learn some basic Spanish. If you would like to go to one or several of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world, you can make your trip more enjoyable, authentic and safe.

Probably,  you knew all this already.

And so, you’d like to, or  you’ve already tried to learn Spanish, but you’ve been put off because …

You were rubbish at it in school

You’ve tried with different methods: apps, books, teachers, you name it … and still you can’t put more than three words together

You believe that you aren’t a gifted language learner

Traditional language lessons bore you to death

Spanish courses are not relevant and useful to travellers

You have no time for it

What if I tell you that all your Spanish learning fears are not real?

What if all your Spanish learning problems have been caused by using the wrong method or/and the wrong teacher?

Learning to speak a language is like learning to ride a bike. You actually learn it by riding it.

For this reason, I’ve created MOVE AROUND Program with a method based and focused on real situations that  you face during a trip, because as a traveller that I am, when I go to a different country and I do not know the language, the experience is very different. 
I want you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

With this program, you’ll...


Learn autonomously with videos, materials, and interactive activities that you can do whenever you want, even if you don’t have much time.


A language has to be bidirectional, so with me, you learn to speak Spanish, speaking!


You won’t be alone, I guide you, and I’m with you at all times to solve your doubts.

What does this program include?


Access 1 year to a platform that includes explanatory videos, interactive activities and pdf materials.


Support by email, WhatsApp or Telegram for 5 months.


Practice the contents through Telegram or WhatsApp, from Monday to Friday for 5 months. You can send voice, text, and videos to practice the contents of the platform, without having to invest a large amount of time.


Module 1

Aid phrases
Alphabet, pronunciation and Internet Symbols
Numbers and day-to-day math operations

Module 2
Greetings and farewells
Days, months, seasons
The time
Talk about the weather
Module 3
Ask and give personal information
Ser y Estar
Free Time
Module 4
Present tense – Regular verbs
Means of transport
At the airport
Module 5
Present tense – Irregular verbs
The house
The rent
At the hotel
Module 6
Routines and frequency
In the bar and restaurant
In the shops
Module 7

¿Comer o comerse?
At the doctor
The bank
Other procedures

You decide how to start this journey

Who will be your guide on this Spanish journey?


My name is Mabel, I guide students to their freedom communicating in Spanish.

My aim is showing you that learning Spanish is both a possible and an enjoyable journey. I want to put at your disposal all my years of experience in the world of education.

I want you to learn without going through all the frustrations that made me give up learning languages on more than one occasion.

Because being a speaker of different languages makes it possible to communicate with people from all over the world, to roam around countries and to learn from the locals how life is understood by different cultures.

In fact, languages make my life easier as a digital nomad, I travel from one place to another when I want to while working as an online Spanish tutor.

If I can, so can you!

Some facts about me that may interest you:

🏆 Online Spanish teacher Certified
👩‍🎓 Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies
📍 From La Mancha, like Quijote
🧳  I’ve lived in Ireland for 3 years
I’ve spent 3 years working and living on a ship sailing the world

What value does it have for you to be able to communicate in Spanish during a trip and live unique experiences?

From the experience of my students and my own, it is priceless.
Getting to a new place and not having to rely on a friend or the phone translator to communicate gives you freedom and independence.

I want you to achieve that independence
I want you to live unique experiences
I want you not to have to invest hundreds of hours to get it




Platform with 7 modules that include explanatory videos, interactive activities and materials. (access 1 year)



Support by email, WhatsApp or Telegram for 5 months.


Real practice

Practice the contents through Telegram or WhatsApp, from Monday to Friday for 5 months. You can send audio, text, and videos to practice the contents of the platform, without having to invest a large amount of time.

Enjoy this program with the modality that best suits you

Is MOVE AROUND Program for you?



If you are determined to start learning Spanish.


If you want to learn more autonomously, and you don’t have someone to talk and practice with.


If you feel “infoxified” with all the material on the internet.


If you believe you aren’t a gifted language learner.


If time is against you.


If you already know some Spanish.

If you develop comfortably in everyday situations.

If you have or had a good level, you haven’t practised for a long time or want to catch up.

What do the students think?

“I really love the way she teaches the vocabulary; it is not just the words, but also the culture. (…) I start to form longer sentences more correctly.”

Rhonda Phuc Nguyen. https://www.facebook.com/hong.phuc.942

“I have a greater understanding (…) I feel much more confident when I need to speak and communicate in my meetings.”

Emanuele Bulbo.

“She really makes you feel comfortable with the language, comfortable within yourself. (…) I’m gonna grow much more comfortable next time I’ll travel.”

Steph Montgomery.

Have any question?

Here are the most frequently asked questions about my course these days

With my job I barely have time, is it possible to do the program?

MOVE AROUND it’s designed to adapt to you, even if you don’t have time. That’s why, you can easily access the platform from your mobile phone, wherever you are, and at any time of the day.

On the platform, you have short videos, materials, and interactive exercises.

You can also do real-world practice on WhatsApp or Telegram from your mobile phone, wherever you are, at any time of day.

How long is the program?

You do the program at your own pace, you have one year to access the contents of the platform. Watch out! As the real practice and support are 5 months, my recommendation is to do a module every week.

If you decide to do the 1-to-1 Trip or Group Trip modalities, the sessions expire 5 months after the payment date.

You can watch the contents of the module and do the interactive exercises in one or two days and put it into practice by WhatsApp or Telegram the rest of the week.  

This way, you’ll be able to better assimilate all the contents and, as you put it into practice, you’ll be able to check your progress.

How exactly does the WhatsApp/Telegram practice work?

These WhatsApp/Telegram practices are NOT in a group, they are like talking to a friend privately. It’s just YOU and ME in a private WhatsApp/Telegram conversation.

At the end of each lesson in each module, you’ll find a recommendation for putting content into practice through WhatsApp/Telegram.

Audios and / or videos can be sent at any time of the day from Monday to Friday. No matter the schedule, you can do it when it suits you best, and I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours.  If you want to send them during weekends, it’s fine, but I’ll be as if you sent them Monday morning.

Can I pay in instalments?

Of course!  

You can do this in two payments.

MOVE AROUND SINGLE TRIP: first payment is 100 € and the second 100 €. 

MOVE AROUND TRIP 1 TO 1: first payment is 275 € and the second 275 €. 

MOVE AROUND GROUP TRIP: first payment is 210 € and the second 210 €. 

Write me an email at info@discoverspanishworld.com to know more about how to pay in instalments. 


The groups for this modality will be a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people per group.

The time for the group sessions will be when it best suits all members, so it will be a group decision.  The sessions will be done biweekly, so everybody has enough time to follow up with the modules of the platform. 

The sessions are practical. A lot of speaking will take place. You know, practice makes progress. 

If all the group members agree, the sessions will be recorded. In case any of the members can’t make it to the session, that person can watch the recording. It’s also a good way for the people who attend the session but want to watch it again. 

If all the group members agree, a WhatsApp or Telegram group will be made for further practice. That’s an additional line of communication. You and I will have our private chat.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

The guarantee I offer you is an initial online meeting that you can do with me before or after making the payment.

In that meeting, we’ll talk and get to know each other.

You will let me know your interests and goals, and we’ll see if I can help you.

If I can, I will explain to you how we can adjust the course. Then decide if this program is for you or not.

This initial meeting does not count as a session. 

We can do the meeting in Spanish, English or Italian, if you prefer.

If you want to book a free call by Zoom, you can do it here.




Platform with 7 modules that include explanatory videos, interactive activities and materials. (access 1 year)



Support by email, WhatsApp or Telegram for 5 months.


Real practice

Practice the contents through Telegram or WhatsApp, from Monday to Friday for 5 months. You can send audios or videos to practice the contents of the platform, without having to invest a large amount of time.

If you’re still not sure or have any doubt, just write me at info@discoverspanishworld.com or send me a WhatsApp.

Go to chat!
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