Free Spanish course suitable for beginners and people with an advanced level.

With the free mini-course, in addition to learn Spanish,
you’ll learn curiosities about the culture in an entertaining way.

The free Spanish Mini-Course is sent by email, and it requires you to answer those emails because to learn Spanish there’s no magical trick than to practice.

If you have come this far, I imagine that you already know the benefits of speaking Spanish. So I’m not going to tell you how important it is.

On a professional level, speaking it fluently can open many doors for you. And on a personal level, it allows you to get off the beaten path when you travel to really get to know the country, the culture and its people.

One thing you probably don’t know is that most of the people who can’t speak Spanish well think it’s because they’re “not good at languages”.

But this is not quite right…

The problem with the Spanish and other languages is that:
The method and/or the teacher doesn’t adapt to you.

When you start to speak a language, if you don’t master it, you get nervous. And when the nerves arise, you tend to forget things.

That’s why memorizing lists of words is not a good idea. Because your brain sees a native in front of you and the words don’t come out. It crashes.

All he thinks is:

 – Oh my God! I’m boring him. He’s going to leave… I have to remember… What was it like? Was it this or was it that? God! The same thing always happens to me. I’m a mess. Definitely, languages ​​are not my thing…

And so it is very difficult to feel comfortable speaking a language. And since you feel bad, you talk less. You feel self-conscious.

You will not make mistakes.

You can´t be yourself. And that limits you.

You can’t enjoy the experience, the people… You don’t get as much out from your meetings with Spanish speakers as you’d like.

The way to teach languages ​​in school is to memorize, not to reason.

That’s why many people who usually get good grades at school, when they study a language, don’t know how to express themselves fluently.

What I suggest to you is something different.

So you can start to feel yourself when you speak Spanish…

The free and online mini-course that, in addition to teaching you Spanish, will tell you curiosities about its culture and the country.

The Mini-Course is sent by email, and it requires you to answer those emails because to learn Spanish there’s no magical trick than to practice.

What will you get with the mini-course?

You’ll understand the logic behind the language, so you don’t have to study a thousand rules that when the time comes you won’t know how to apply.

Studying languages ​​can be quite boring. For this reason, I approach it in a way that allows you to travel even without leaving your home.

Every day I tell you things about Spanish culture and I propose some exercises so you can start to practice and see quick results.

In the free mini-course I will teach you:


Why many people fail studying languages ​​and it isn’t their fault. Although they are good students and get very good grades in other subjects.


The reason why many people fail to learn Spanish. The secret has to do with elephants, and I am going to give you some useful tricks, so you can learn it while having fun. 



8 things that many people believe to be true, but believing them and saying them can screw things up. Also, some curiosities about Spanish life, which are different from other countries.


How I went from not being good at languages ​​to teaching them for a living. I learned this thanks to a teacher with whom I learned more English in 1 year than in the previous 10. And you can apply it too when learning Spanish.


Why although learning a language from a young age can be a very good idea, it can also be what is stopping you from speaking it fluently.


What things you can find in each area of ​​Spain, so you can realize there is life beyond Barcelona, ​​and Madrid. In each area there are great treasures, both culinary and in terms of landscapes, that will surprise you.


Everything you need to know about Spanish gastronomy. So if you ask for a paella, they give you a paella.


We’ll also see how to move around Spain; a tip from Albert Einstein to learn languages ​​and focus on your trips differently; what to put in your suitcase depending on where you are going…

And many other things!

In short, this mini-course can help you to learn Spanish and learn more about the culture to take advantage of your trips or meetings with Spanish speakers.

It’s a free Spanish course, and you subscribe with a couple of clicks, if you don’t like it you can unsubscribe at any moment with a single click

Obviously, with a free email mini-course you are not going to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

But, it will help you overcome blockages and have a good base, so with practice you will end up succeeding.

Hi, I’m Mabel!

I want to tell you one thing: I’m not good at languages.

That at least was what my English teacher used to tell me. Well, and also the French one.

I got very good grades in everything, but the languages ​​got stuck. They told me that I was not worth it. And I ended up believing it.

I thought there was something wrong with me. That I was clumsy or a nerd.

But languages ​​are not about whether you are a good student or not. It’s about really understanding them. To internalize them. Discover the logic behind and practice them so everything flows.

Now when I look back, I realized that the problem was not me, but the method.

Because when I discovered there was another way to learn languages, everything changed. I’ll tell you how I did it (and you can do it yourself) in the mini-course that you’ll receive if you subscribe.

Thanks to that, I graduated in English Philology. I worked on a cruise. I’m fluent in English, and Italian. I can speak a bit of French, and I’ve even started to learn Chinese.

This allows me to live teaching Spanish from anywhere I want. Travel in a camper or do housesitting to live for several weeks in different cities and therefore, being able to see the world.

So that the language doesn’t determine your experience in the country.

Go beyond the language!

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The Mini-Course is sent by email, and it requires you to answer those emails because to learn Spanish there’s no magical trick than to practice.

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