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What happens when you travel to a country,

and you don’t speak the native language?

No native language =

No native language =


Travelling limitations...

Just visiting toutistic places...

Not connecting with locals, and in some cases getting rip off...

Not getting a real picture of the place, and unlikely to get a job if needed...

Relying on translators / friends...

Putting yourself in danger...

Not being able to communicate in a difficult situation..

I could go on and on…

But I think you got the picture, and you can see why it’s a good idea to learn some basic Spanish or improve it if you already know some.

If you would like to go to one or several of the 21 Spanish speaker countries in the world, you can make your trip more enjoyable, authentic and safe.

Probably, you knew all this already.

And so, you’d like to, or you’ve already tried to learn Spanish, but you’ve been put off because …


you were rubbish at it in school.


you’ve tried with different methods: apps, books, teachers, you name it … and still you can’t put more than three words together.


you believe that you aren’t a gifted language learner.


language lessons bore you to death.


Spanish courses are not relevant and useful to travellers.

What if I tell you that all your Spanish learning fears are not real?

What if all your Spanish learning problems have been caused by using the wrong method or/and the wrong approach for you?

Learning to speak a language is like learning to ride a bike. You actually learn it by riding it.

That’s why my teaching method is based and focused on real situations and everyday conversations. A method where you will learn how to use the language as natives do, using the logic behind the language, no lists of uses and exceptions!

With me, you learn to speak Spanish by SPEAKING it!

Hi there!

My name is Mabel
I guide students to their freedom communicating in Spanish

My aim is showing you that learning Spanish is both a possible and an enjoyable journey.

I want you to learn without going through all the frustrations that made me give up on learning languages on more than one occasion.

Because being a speaker of different languages makes possible to communicate with people around the world, to roam around countries and to learn from locals how life is understood by different cultures. 

In fact, languages make my life easier as a nomad moving from one place to the other whenever I want while working as a Spanish tutor online on the move.
It can be the same for you too!

What do the students think?

“I really love the way she teaches the vocabulary; it is not just the words but also the culture. (…) I start to form longer sentences more correctly.”

Rhonda Phuc Nguyen. https://www.facebook.com/hong.phuc.942

“I have a greater understanding (…) I feel much more confident when I need to speak and communicate in my meetings.”

Emanuele Bulbo.

“She really makes you feel comfortable with the language, comfortable within yourself. (…) I’m gonna grow much more comfortable next time I’ll travel.”

Steph Montgomery.

FREE Spain travel kit!

The guide you need to move or visit Spain!

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the guide you need to move or visit Spain!
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