Speak Spanish in a jiffy with the MUNDO method program

Do you feel…


…that you freeze when you try to talk?

…afraid to constantly commit mistakes?

…you have a hard time pronouncing some sounds?


…overwhelm by grammar with all its rules and exceptions?

… you have a hard time understanding what they’re saying?

Are you frustrated by all this even though you love Spanish?

I can help you to feel more comfortable and confident speaking Spanish!

Hi, I’m Mabel!

Spanish tutor and couch.
Like you, I am also an international student of foreign languages!

When I was in school… I failed English!
I didn’t understand anything that was going on in class and I felt very frustrated and helpless, besides, when the teacher asked me to read or say something… I started sweating, shaking and my words wouldn’t come out! The teacher told me that I would never learn English, that I was clueless, a total failure.

In high school I found myself in the same situation but with the French language. What a frustration! Was it true that I was a hopeless case for languages? Thankfully, Óscar came into my life. He turned my displeasure into a passion for languages.

Óscar was my English teacher in high school. He made me understand languages and transmitted his passion for languages to me, so much that I ended up studying English Philology at university. Óscar taught me that a language is not a book, a language is made by the people who speak it. I came to the conclusion that the problem was traditional books and approaches because they do not adapt to the reality of the language.

My nature is adventurous and thanks to languages I have been able to communicate with many people, I have explored different countries and cultures, feeling less foreign. I have lived in Ireland and have even worked on cruise ships surrounded by a multitude of languages and cultures. In fact, it was on the ship that I started learning Italian and French (I still do). Ship life is very exciting, but I missed teaching. So here I am, to teach you my mother tongue, Spanish!

You might have seen me at:

I want to transmit and spread to you my passion for languages and cultures

My mission is for you to learn speaking Spanish effortlessly so that you can achieve everything you set your mind to.

To accomplish my mission I have created
the MUNDO method program.

The MUNDO method program is a three months program that will help you to increase your knowledge and confident with Spanish language!

What is the MUNDO method?



I teach you Spanish with a methodology based on cognitive grammar, designed to make you forget about traditional books.



Because every person learns differently.



like life itself. We rely on real language as a working tool.



Cultural and Language Diversity.



To speak Spanish!


I teach you Spanish with a methodology based on cognitive grammar, designed to make you forget about traditional books.


Because every person learns differently.


like life itself. We rely on real language as a working tool.


Cultural and language diversity.


To speak Spanish!

What’s included in the PROGRAM?

15 Private sessions

Sessions are via Zoom, and they have a duration of 50 minutes. They are private sessions, one to one, customized according to your likes and needs. 


Material and activities to practice during the session and tasks to keep practising at home or wherever you want.
The correction of tasks by email.
Support by email and WhatsApp. Continuous evaluation of progress and educational coaching.

Sessions are dynamic and interactive, full of practice and conversation.

3 Masterclass

One masterclass per month. Each one will solve issues of all levels like por/para, past tenses…

You can organize your private sessions at your convenience.
It is recommended that you have at least one session per week to achieve good results, because to learn a language perseverance and continuous practice are the key to success.
For this reason, we will have to meet each other at least once every two weeks to fulfil this program.


3 Thematic workshops

Each month will come a different guest person to learn together a new skill in Spanish! It can be cooking, dancing, yoga, poetry….


6 Speaking sessions

Club Internacional de Conversación

C.I.C. was created with love by Spanish-speaking tutors, included myself, from all over the world (Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Venezuela…) exclusively for our students!

Discover more about the language, culture and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries participating in C.I.C!

Practise your Spanish with other international learners of Spanish!

We meet twice per month! The second and fourth Thursday of each month.

***C.I.C is made for A2+ levels. If your level is under A2, you won’t be able to attend this club, but don’t you worry! You will also have access to 6 speaking group sessions.***


Private community Facebook

Exclusive activities, materials, group coaching… and much more! Don’t feel alone in your Spanish learning process!

Hanadi tells you her experience!

Who is this program aimed at?

This program is especially recommended to committed people who want:

To take away the fear of speaking Spanish and want to start to speak fluently.
To put down boring grammar books because they are tired of so many rules and exceptions.
To learn real Spanish with a native.
To discover the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.
Quality learning, with a personal tutor and with personalized accompaniment.

What’s the VALUE of the MUNDO method program?

15 Sessions (735€)

3 Masterclass (291€)

Bonus 1: 3 Thematic workshops (441€)

Bonus 2: 6 Speaking sessions (282€)

Bonus 3: Private community Facebook (Incalculable)

The total value of the MUNDO method program is 1.749€

But now you can access for only 547€!

Only until 19th, 23:59h (UTC+1) or seats run out.


Access until 17th midnight (UTC+1) and get 5 more private sessions for free!!

The Bonus 48h ends in...









Access today, 15th midnight (UTC+1) and get 50€ off!

One payment


Three payments


Use the coupon PLAZOS

First session for free! Only happy people!

Why is it useful to learn Spanish?

Why is it beneficial to learn Spanish Online?

Efficiency and cost (no additional travel time or costs).
Tailored sessions for your needs.

Can I make a split payment?


You can take the three payment option, where you will be charged 197€ per month.

Use the coupon PLAZOS on the payment page and that’s it! 

Do you provide Spanish language certificates?

No, because I am a private Spanish tutor. My mission is for you to learn to communicate in Spanish so that you can interact with ease in the different Spanish-speaking countries and with people who speak Spanish. Do you prefer a certificate or communicate correctly in Spanish?laughing

How long will it take me to improve my Spanish?

This varies from student to student and depends on some key factors, especially the amount of time you can dedicate to practice and self-study and the frequency of your Spanish sessions. 

Does the MUNDO method program have a guarantee?


If after the free session your are not satisfied, a full refund will be made.

I only want happy and committed learners.

Can I cancel or reschedule a session?
Sure, cancellation and change policy is 24 hours in advance by email. If cancelled or changed within 24 hours before the start of the session, the student will be charged.
What happens if I’m late or don’t show up for a class?
The session will be considered void if the student does not appear in 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. That specific session is subsequently not reschedulable.
When can I book the first free session?

After payment, you will receive a detailed email with the instructions to book the first session (30 minutes) within the next week from the payment. 

What do the students think?

«I really love the way she teaches the vocabulary; it is not just the words but also the culture. (…) I start to form longer sentences more correctly.»

Rhonda Phuc Nguyen. https://www.facebook.com/hong.phuc.942

«I have a greater understanding (…) I feel much more confident when I need to speak and communicate in my meetings.»

Emanuele Bulbo.

«She really makes you feel comfortable with the language, comfortable within yourself. (…) I’m gonna grow much more comfortable next time I’ll travel.»

Steph Montgomery.

One payment


Three payments


Use the coupon PLAZOS

If you have question, don’t hesitate to contact me at info@discoverspanishworld or throught WhatsApp.

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