Freedom in Spanish Program

 Communicate freely in Spanish in everyday situations in 4 months.

Learn when best suits you!

Learning autonomously through the platform with 13 modules with videos, materials and interactive activities.


Put in practice the content of the modules with 13 private sessions of 45 minutes.

Practice makes perfect!

Daily audio practice by WhatsApp or Telegram (Mon to Fri), practice your speaking and grow your confidence!

Platform access and support for 1 year.

When the sessions and the audio practice are over, after 4 months you’ll communicate freely in Spanish in everyday situations.

After that time, you will be able to review the contents of the platform, because you’ll have full access to it for a whole year.

You also have support 1 year, so you can continue to consult me during all that time. 

How much does it cost?

You can access to all this for 647€
(split payment possibility)
Only if you book your spot before this Sunday!

This program is not for everyone.
Book your spot in the calendar before this Sunday!

This meeting is without any commitments!

We will meet and evaluate if this program adapts to you.

If any of the calendar times are suitable for you, don’t hesitate to write me to agree a time for you. 

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